Tuff Like Iron

Orange Peel

Born May 28th 1986 in NYC, Tuff always had an international spirit and gift to connect with people of many walks of life on a human level. After dropping out of the prestigious Columbia University, Tuff decided to follow the path of self reliance and began her clothing label Tuff Like Iron at age 18. The Tuff Like Iron label gained international attention of the culturally and socially conscious masses and Tuff brought fashion with a message to the streets of the U.S., Jamaica, Trinidad, and even as far as Asia. The clothing line has a far reaching star studded client base, including Jah Cure, Erykah Badu, Jah9, Mos Def, and Jesse Royal. Well known for promoting images of cultural heritage and pride, the Tuff Like Iron clothing label is known for African prints, provocative images, and the signature crochet tams. In the summer of 2012, while vending with Mamayashi at Veggie Meals on Wheels in Kingston, Tuff was first introduced to the Jah Ova Evil Family, including Hempress Sativa, DXL, the Gideon, and Selah. The voice and current of Hempress Sativa singing “Jah Have Mi Back” touched her deeply, and there was something drawing Tuff to these twin brothers like a magnet to steel, then Tuff developed a friendship with recording artiste Aijah “the Gideon” Nunes. A trip to Jah Ova Evil Studio in Vineyard Town sealed the trinity in June of 2013 when the first song “I’m Talking To You” was recorded by the extremely talented Jahnoi “Selah” Nunes, well known for developing young talents into amazing artists. These gifted twins were brothers to the beloved Alty Nunes aka Lil J.O.E. Jah Ova Evil, and sons of the acclaimed Jamaican dancer Patsy Ricketts. In less than one year Tuff Like Iron Music has already made quite the splash. Heavy hitting singles like “I’m Talking To You” and “Keep Yuh Head Up” are already getting attention from DJs and music lovers from California, Belgium, Canada, New York, Trinidad and even Kenya! The growing Tuff Like Iron fan base has shown overwhelming support for her first video “Equal Rights & Justice” shot in Trinidad by Jamaican based film company Nhurdz TV. Tuff’s first live performances were well received in Grass Valley, at Jah Ova Evil 3rd Annual Lil J.O.E. Memorial Concert, and most recently at the all female showcase Womanbition 2014.